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RB Exclusive Interview: Herobust Has Us Like ‘WTF’

Vertebrae-breaker Hayden Kramer, better known as Herobust, is my personal hero for always dropping neck-breaking dubstep. His recent track, “WTF,” speaks for itself. The drop doesn’t hit until 1:42, but when it does, it elicits a stanky bass face. Hayden gives the build the focus and attention it deserves. Ominous bass, samples of Hayden saying “What the fuuu-,” and shattering glass all create a build unprecedented in precision.

In addition to the single Hayden has also announced his “WTF Tour” and Not Your Average EP coming in November. Despite his busy schedule, Herobust found some time to answer the questions I was aching to ask.

“WTF,” in my opinion, is the nastiest, heaviest track you’ve ever created. The build is agonizing yet brilliant, and the drop makes it worth the wait. It feels different and more experimental than your previous productions. What was it like coming up with and creating this single?

Like with all of my music, I wanted to make this track something that you can’t get anywhere else. I have made tracks in the past with that in mind, but I think that WTF really ups the ante a bit. It all started from this sample of me saying, “WHAT THE FUUUUUU” and if you listen to the rhythm of the drop, you can hear that it follows the rhythm of how I say WTF. This was a way to show off something more than an average drop. This single really shows the evolution of a sound the way I hear in my mind, instead of just making a normal drop.

I’m so excited to see what you come up with for your WTF tour. What can fans expect, and how will it compare to your Vertebreaker tour?


I’m hoping that what makes it next level for people, is what makes me consistent, which is creating an elevating moment that you can’t ever forget! I know I’ll be bringing my A-game, and I trust that the heroes in the crowd will be too!

The Vertebreaker EP was a massive success, but “Move Mint,” and the VIP in particular, really gained everyone’s attention. Even recently I’ve heard it played in sets and clubs – did you anticipate the track being as popular as it is now?

I definitely hoped it would be! I knew when I made the original track that it had something, but I didn’t know what. As I played it out more I kept thinking of things I would add or change, and then I brought that all into the VIP. I felt that the VIP brought a whole new energy to the track, and I’m so glad that everyone liked it as much as they did!

Your style has developed and evolved so much since your early production, taking on more bass and more precision. Where do you see your sound going in the future?

I follow the ideas. I hear the trends, but ultimately I just wanna make stuff that I haven’t heard before. I don’t know where the sound will go, but I won’t let what I’m doing now keep me from chasing a new sound!

Will we be hearing any more new music from you this year?

I have a new EP that I’m finishing up, and I’ll be dropping it soon. It’s going to be insane, very different, fun, something you can headbang to, something that pumps you up, something that makes you want to lift heavy stuff. It’ll be anything but average, and all I can say is: be ready for anything!

The #Herobustlookslikeeverything trend on Twitter has been so fun to follow. What’s your favorite comparison that your fans have made?

I obviously enjoy the ones of Greek gods, cause that definitely has a positive vibe. But I think the handsome Squidward one has been the most frequent for Heroes. I don’t mind any of them, because I really do look like everything. I have a pretty expressive face, and a lot of people find similarity with literally everything!

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