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Say Goodbye to Summer with Lane 8’s Fall Mixtape

2018 has been a successful year for Denver-based Lane 8 thus far. He released an album, Little By Little, dominated stages around the world both at festivals and on his own tour, and continued adding talent to his own record label, This Never Happened. While the original releases, remixes, and collaborations help Lane 8 shine, many fans have fallen in love with his mixes, which he releases each season. Each highly curated mix he puts out evokes a different set of emotions and gives fans a more intimate look inside the music of Lane 8. Many of his mixes can be heard during his live sets or on his Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1, but there is something about his highly anticipated seasonal releases that are so special and they inevitably become the soundtrack of each season.

Take a listen below to Lane 8’s latest, his Fall 2018 Mixtape.

A perfect end to the summer as we transition into the fall, this mixtape features several tracks both released and unreleased, showcasing the melodic house sound we love so much about Lane 8. While the producer is currently on his Little by Little Album Tour, we are feeling blessed to have mixes like this one to keep us company until he returns to Phoenix once again.

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