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Spin It Back Saturday: John Digweed – ‘Raise’

John Digweed is a veteran when it comes to controlling crowds with his moving progressive house music. He’s been banging beats since the 90’s and has influenced numerous house DJ’s over the course of his career. Digweed has been featured in DJ Magazine’s top 100 list over a dozen times, and in 2001 he topped the list. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Digweed is still doing what he loves and making music to this day.

To pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, for this week’s Spin It Back Saturday we are highlighting his 2013 release “Raise.”

“Raise” is a triumphant house track that dives deep. The whole track is a journey from start to finish, and unlike other house music, the beat and musical elements are constantly changing throughout. “Raise” was produced in a time when house music was still blossoming into what it is today, and John Digweed helped propel the house music movement into the hearts of millions.

John Digweed is taking over Shady Park on November 16th for a house-fueled frenzy. Grab tickets here.

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