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REZZ Drops Dark Remix of Porter Robinsons’ ‘Divinity’

REZZ and Porter Robinson, two legends of their own unique sound, have combined their efforts to melt your face and your heart with Rezz’s darker take on Porter’s spirited original. To make this release even more special, REZZ used fan art from a Cult of REZZ contest as the remix’s cover art. This remix is a continuation of REZZ’s unbelievable streak of new music, following her latest album and her Halloween mix/visual component masterpiece, on top of being on her Certain Kind of Magic tour! She makes it look easy, but this just proves REZZ is one of the hardest working producers in the industry. Let’s celebrate that with her “Divinity” remix.

The track begins with isolated ethereal twinkling sounds and synths from the original, with the lyrics haunting and echoing, “We will wait for this, we will wait for this.” Then it drops into twisted vocals and the deep, grinding bass classic of REZZ while still maintaining the emotive intensity of Porter. The second drop is just as dark, with an equally euphoric energy to it that will enlighten your soul before stealing it from you entirely. REZZ, fondly known by her name Isabelle, effortlessly blends two very different vibes into one multi-dimensional track that elicits the same hypnotic and tear-jerking response from both artists in one song. Isabelle Rezazadeh is divine, as always.

REZZ just ended her fantastical CKOM tour, but you can witness her magic (and Porter Robinson’s!) at Decadence this year! Get your tickets quick here.

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