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Spin it Back Saturday: Downlink, Excision, and Ajapai – ‘Before the Sun’

What a better way to celebrate the weekend than with some face-melting dubstep. For this week’s Spin it Back Saturday, we are looking at a track that I’m sure every bass head has moshed to at least once. “Before the Sun” by Downlink, Excision, and Ajapai is a lethal dose of bass straight to the dome. Everything in the calculated and precise buildup is perfect and sets the stage for the track. When the bass drop hits listeners are swept off their feet with a chaotic yet brilliant fusion of synths, bass, drums, and every other loud noise that could possibly be generated by computers. “Before the Sun” dropped in 2011 but remains a festival anthem to this day. If you’re looking for some insane classic dubstep, look no further than Downlink.

Downlink started to break through into the industry in 2009 when he dropped his first EP Ignition. Since “Before the Sun” he’s gone on to with Excision on countless collaborations and even joined Excision in DESTROID, a robot-themed dubstep band that was the first of its kind. Although DESTROID sets are a rare occurrence now, the memories still live on and helped pave a successful career for the two artists.

Downlink is bringing his newest musical experience, The Doom System to Tucson and Tempe on February 28th and March 2nd. Grab your neck brace and get your tickets for the Tucson show here and the Tempe show here.

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