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3 Out of This World ATLiens Tracks

You don’t need to look at ATLiens‘ extraterrestrial masks to know that the sounds they’ll bring you are not of this world. With a mixture of weird bass, grimey trap, and creepy cool masks to complete, ATLiens are ready to take you to their leader. Here are some of their greatest and spaciest tracks to teleport you off this planet.

1. “IMMA”

This collab with Badrapper has a deceivingly simple beginning with deep vocal samples, but this simplicity translates into a dark, sultry sound with low-vibrational wobbles, high-pitched sounds, and samples of a woman laughing. It’s not heavy-hitting like their usual tracks, but it hits all the same.

2. “Malfunction”

Another collaboration, this track off the Invasion EP with TYNAN is one of their best-known tracks. With an ominous buildup and a glitchy, wobbly drop, ATLiens showcase what they do best with hard space bass that sounds a little like a robot malfunctioning (in the best way.)

3. “Interstellar” Feat. Sara Skinner

Also off the Invasion EP, ATLiens have made something a little more melodic with a piano intro, Sara Skinner’s emotive voice, and sexy drums. Don’t mistake this for being “soft” though; this trap-influenced track still hits hard.


ATLiens are beaming down to two Arizona venues to bring you out-of-this-world sets. Get your tickets for The Green Room in Flagstaff here and for Gentle Ben’s in Tucson here.

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