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5 Standout Songs from ‘Knights of the Round Table Vol. 2’

In September of 2017, 12th Planet created a subsection within the Disciple label called, Disciple Round Table. They released a compilation called Knights of the Round Table Vol.1 later that year and included songs like “Send it” by 12th Planet, Barely Alive, and PhaseOne, “93 Style” by Ivory and Virus Syndicate, and “Wicked” by Mastadon. The songs introduced fans to new artists of the Disciple Round Table group and left many wanting more. Disciple blessed us again last month with Knights of the Round Table Vol 2. Like the previous volume, most of the songs on the track were released before December 31, but Disciple did a great job maintaining a consistent theme of captivating drops. The compilation showcases each artist’s unique style. Below are some of the songs on Knights of the Round Table Vol. 2 that you really shouldn’t miss.

1. “Ghosts Do It Better” – Hi I’m Ghost

If you like Ghastly and Space Laces, definitely check out Hi, I’m Ghost, the hauntingly deep project by Nathan Davis and Tiago Nunez. Probably the darkest song on Knights of the Round Table, “Ghosts Do It Better” really shows fans the energy that Hi, I’m Ghost offers in their music. The song itself is eccentric while still maintaining an edgy, eerie aesthetic. If you like this song, definitely listen to other Hi I’m Ghost songs like “Spooky Riddim” and “Killem With The Sound”.

2. “Bring That Back” – Barely Alive

Barely Alive is known to have pretty unexpected bass drops and “Bring That Back” is no excuse. While most artists hint at what type of bass drop they are going to give their listeners, Barely Alive challenges that by adding new, often polarizing elements throughout the song. The Massachusetts-based duo, Barely Alive, really adds an interesting “trap” element to Knights of the Round Table Vol 2 while still satisfying their more “bass-heavy” fans. The song is a lot more relaxed compared to Barely Alive’s last contribution to Knights of the Round Table with “Send It”, but this song showcases Barely Alive’s unique way to combine modern trap and heavy bass.

3. “Taco about it” – 12th Planet and PhaseOne

Whenever 12th Planet and PhaseOne join forces, you know the finished product is going to be explosive. 12th Planet (John Dadzie), a Los Angeles based DJ who collaborated with Skrillex on “Right on Time”, and PhaseOne (Graeme Duffy), a DJ from Sydney, Australia, have worked on multiple projects together such as “Slaughter Them All”. “Taco about it” is just as hard as you’d expect and never loses the listener’s full focus. The bass drop is continuous and right when you think you’ve caught on to the song, 12th Planet and PhaseOne gives you an even harder drop.

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4. “Acid Tripper” – Dodge and Fuski

In 2013, Christopher Allen (Fuski) left Dodge and Fuski, leaving Rob Talbott (Dodge) to run the solo act. In 2017, the duo reunited and since then have given us hits such as “Brains on Fire”, “Exposure”, and now “Acid Tripper”. My personal favorite song from “Knights of the Round Table Vol 2”, “Acid Tripper” is playful, energetic, and has the best bass drop in the compilation. The song really showcases what Dodge and Fuski can do with their music and proves to fans that Dodge and Fuski are great alone, but better as a team.

5. “Samurai” – Slimez

You may have not heard of this Los Angeles based DJ yet, but you will. Slimez, born Cameron Kush, has perfected the art of dark sound in his music, yet his music is still energetic. “Samurai”  has a brassy, almost robotic bass that reminded me a lot of Virtual Riot. This song, like most EDM songs, rewards those who listen carefully. The song is an interesting addition to Knights of the Round Table Vol 2, but fits perfectly with artists like Stabby and UZZI.

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