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EAZYBAKED & Milano Rework the Wonky Classic ‘Crack the Window’

Without a doubt, Yheti’s “Crack the Window” is one of the most beloved wonky bass tunes of all time. Crowds at any underground bass show will cheer at the first sound of that yeti groan, revving up to dance to this track’s infectious bass line.

At nearly eight years old, “Crack the Window” just received some of its most exciting treatment yet. Two key players from the Los Angeles experimental trap and bass collective, Lost Dogz, just hopped on Yheti’s iconic song.

Together, EAZYBAKED and Milano rework “Crack the Window” to sheer perfection. These three dogz layer on the recognizable “this is why I’m hot vocals” from MIMS’ 2007 hit and then give the second drop a heavy new sound.

Even after countless flips from the likes of DMVU, bawldy, and Angelic Root, EAZYBAKED and Milano have found a way to make this classic feel new again. It seems like “Crack the Window” is one of those rare tracks that can never get overplayed.

Relentless Beats will be bringing EAZYBAKED to Arizona in 2019 when they open for Space Jesus’ Temple of Noon Tour. Catch them this April in three locations in Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Tucson; tickets for the respective dates available here, here, and here.

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