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Jai Wolf Finds His Sound, Announces Tour and Debut Album

Sometimes, a reset is exactly what the doctor ordered. That is most certainly the case for New York-based producer Jai Wolf, as he took most of 2018 off (by DJ standards) to step back and figure out just what kind of music he wanted to create. 2019 is already off to a fast start for him, as he has announced a tour, a debut album, and has dropped two singles as a preview into what his true sound is. Based on his two newest drops, “Lose My Mind” and “Telepathy,” it’s clear that Sajeeb Saha, the man behind the Jai Wolf persona, is making whatever the hell he feels like, and it works. “Telepathy” follows the same blueprint as some of his previous work. With synths that make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale and chopped vocals that add to the mysterious and dreamy image that the music paints, the song takes you away.

“Lose My Mind” however, is something completely different, most likely a product of Saha’s lengthy absence. Featuring Mr. Gabriel on vocals, it tilts towards an indie-rock song more so than an electronic dance song. With a beachy bass line and crooning melodies, this song is picture perfect for a movie scene where the character is cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, hair in the wind. It’s very catchy, and could make for a very intriguing live performance. You can check out both singles below. 

It’s unclear at the moment just what type of album we will be getting from Jai Wolf. However, with the two songs we’ve been able to hear so far, it is showing promise to be a very unique project. The Cure to Loneliness will drop on April 5, with a tour coming shortly after the release. You can snag tickets to the tour here and in the meantime, jam the two newest tunes from Jai Wolf, while we all anxiously wait for what is sure to be a career-defining debut album. 

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