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Netsky Drops Powerful EP ‘Abbot Kinney’

Let me just start out by saying Netsky’s newest EP is exactly what’s missing from your life right now. I didn’t have much experience with  Netsky before hearing about this EP, but as soon as I heard the first 30 seconds of “Voodoo Magic,” the first song on the EP, I was instantly hooked and checked out the rest of his discography.

Abbot Kinney can best be described as liquid funk. There’s a ton of drum and bass elements in the EP, but it’s so much more than that. The lyrics in every single track are powerful–it shakes you to your core. The bassline is triumphant, each one sounding more jazzy and euphoric than the last. The track “Anything 4 U” is an upbeat, danceable future bass track that sounds similar to the likes of Louis the Child, while tracks like “Thank You” and “Big Hearts” start out somber and slow, only to be dropped into a low-key and emotional drop. Abbot Kinney is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, and my only complaint is that it wasn’t longer.

Netsky is one of Belgium’s biggest producers and it’s clear to see why. His music is layered with multiple instruments, frequent vocals, and positive, euphoric messages. Debuting in 2008, Netsky has gone on to produce 3 full-length albums, this EP, and countless singles. Now I can see why Boris Daenen named his project after a computer virus. Because his music is infectious.

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