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Radio Recap: Destructo Presents All My Friends Radio

Welcome back to another week of Radio Recap. This time we’re immersing ourselves in the deep soulful tunes played on Destructo‘s All My Friends Radio, featuring tracks by the likes of AC Slater, Volac, and others. Destructo leaves all the entertainment in the music, only stepping into the mix to thank everyone who’s joined him on his Let’s Be Friends Again 2019 tour. Let’s get into this episode.

In the words of Destructo on Episode #34, “the government may be shut down, but we’re not.” Destructo hits us with deep house and techno vibes every Thursday night on Sirius XM and posts the episodes to the AMF Soundcloud page as well. It’s definitely the perfect late night show with the deep techno and house, but the tracks are also lively and funky to dance to, so there’s no way you’ll be able to stay sitting down, as the lyrics suggest in one of the songs Destructo mixes in: “There’s some things that I can do to make your body dance.” Definitely throw this episode on for late night vibes.

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