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Spin It Back Saturday: Black Tiger Sex Machine – ‘Rezorecta’

BTSM is a Canadian electronic music trio based in Montreal, Quebec. Members Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda, and Patrick Barry are best known for their beastly branding and bass that can shake you to your core. Black Tiger Sex Machine is an animal of its own kind in the electric world.

They have been on the prowl and sharing their flavor of aggressive, dark bass music for the past 10 years. In the past decade, we have had some monstrous tracks sink it’s teeth into us, leaving nothing but satisfied and shaken shells of human beings. Their 2012 heater “Rezorecta” is one that instantly stands out. This one takes you on a ride into the deeps octaves of a chilling journey. Setting the scene for the track, BTSM left a note on the track to put you in the right mindset before hitting play:

The Kannibalen virus has become uncontrollable. Strange new mutations have started appearing: the Infected are now smarter, stronger and hungrier. To stem the tide of darkness, Black Tiger Sex Machine has assembled a ragtag team of miscreants, punks and renegades who’ve managed to avoid infection. This squad of nomadic zombie-killers now fights beside BTSM, hunting down the Infected and seeking out the source of the virus.

Their quest has become their religion – their name: Studs, Spikes & Blood.

The trio are the label heads for Kannibalen Records and have a flair for the theatrics. Between calling their live shows “church” and their ominous tiger helmets- nothing these three do is of the norm. Now that you’ve read this little story, you’re ready for “Rezorecta”. Check it out below.

If you were dead inside before, you have now been resurrected with today’s Spin It Back Saturday, and now we have just one question: are you ready to go back to church? BTSM is coming back to Phoenix for our 10th annual Crush AZ. This now two-day event is hosting Alesso, Seven Lions, Slander and of course, BTSM. Don’ miss this one–grab your tickets here.

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