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The Best of Black Tiger Sex Machine

The Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine has been taking the world by storm with their explosive mix of heavy electro and bass. They are particularly renowned for their live shows, a unique experience combining live production, a DJ set, and synchronized visuals involving the light-up tiger helmets they all three wear. For those who are not already a part of their mass following, here are three tracks to showcase the very best of BTSM.

“Lions” ft. YOOKiE

For those new to the realm of heavy bass that BTSM so perfectly fits into, you may benefit from a starter track, one that serves as a good introduction BTSM. Look no further than “Lions” ft. YOOKiE, a perfect blend of electro house and sub-bass.

“Crazies” ft. Nate Husser

“Crazies” comes from BTSM’s 2016 Welcome to Our Church compilationtheir first full-length release. While the tracks is hip-hop oriented, it doesn’t shy away from explosive synths and trap stylings.

“Madness” ft. Sullivan King

This track incorporates the element of live guitar, specifically that of the talented Sullivan King, resulting in a song that appeals to EDM and Rock fans alike. Blending the two genres seamlessly is a speciality BTSM has mastered over the years.

Hopefully these three tracks sparked your attention – and if so, you’re in luck! BTSM will be here next weekend, alongside Seven Lions, Slander, Alesso, and more at Crush AZ. Click here to see the full lineup, get more info, and purchase tickets.

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