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Zeds Dead and Delta Heavy Aim to ‘Lift You Up’ with Their New Single

For years, Canadian powerhouse duo Zeds Dead have been creating music that is just as innovative as it is beautiful. That is no different this time around, as they’ve teamed up with U.K. pairing Delta Heavy to deliver another classic. In the brand new single, the signature drum and bass sound of the latter takes center stage, along with the lyrically simplistic but flawless melodies we’ve come to expect in a Zeds Dead song. The tune seemingly teeters between the two styles with both duos presenting what makes them special in separate portions through its entirety. About halfway through, we get a heavy bass breakdown that screams Zeds Dead and will certainly be a hit during their live shows. Pair that with the in-your-face, pulse accelerating drum and bass from the Delta Heavy guys, and you have perfection. Make sure you have a little space before you listen below, as this jam will make you want to move around.

“Lift You Up” brings together two acts that have dialed in their signature sounds to make one unique song, showcasing one another in the best way possible.  The balance in the track is something that is both refreshing and intriguing, but that is to be expected from artists who have become complete masters of their distinct styles.

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