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Five Megalodon Hitters to Prepare You For This Weekend

Cory Artsay has been passionate about music his entire life. He moved to the Bay Area in the early 2000s and was a drummer in jazz and metal bands. Artsay’s life changed in 2006 when he had to sell his drum set but instead of giving up he learned how to produce music and is now professionally known as Megalodon. Megalodon is signed to Never Say Die Records alongside artists such as Zomboy, Trampa, and MUST DIE! and has toured across the globe. Megalodon’s style is similar to artists such as Excision, who use elements of horror and metal to create a story through the music. While all of Megaldon’s music will make you want to run to nearest mosh pit, here are five of his hardest, most intense tracks to prepare you for his show at AURA this weekend!

1. “Shark Attack” 

In 2016, Megalodon released a single called “Shark Attack” featuring Jauz. The song is one of Megalodon and Jauz’ most famous tracks with an emphatically brutal bass and danceable beat. The song has over two million listens on Spotify alone and as one fan phrased it, it is simply “unrelenting”. Jauz, who has released hits such as “Feel The Volume” and “Magic” featuring Marshmello, compliments Megalodon’s early dubstep style. Megalodon knows how to hype up a bass-hungry crowd and, despite being an older song, “Shark Attack” is no exception.

2. “Half Breed”

“Half Breed”, from Megalodon’s most recent EP, Tooth and Nail, is definitely worth listening to if you’re a Krimer or Badklaat fan. “Half Breed” is distinctly Megalodon with cinematic sounds that make you feel as if you’re in a horror movie. Megalodon gives us four unique drops that hit harder each time. Relistening to the song, you will notice new elements that you might not have heard the first time. Overall, this is one of Megalodon’s heaviest songs with elements of both trap and metal.

3. “Drunken Master”

If the two previous tracks weren’t heavy enough for you, “Drunken Master” is the song for you. “Drunken Master” is featured on Never Say Die Vol. 5 and my personal favorite from the entire compilation. With unexpected drops and gritty vocals, “Drunken Master” showcases Megalodon’s distinct musical style and complex sound design. This song is definitely one you’ll want to listen for on March 23 since Megalodon has a habit of adding some new twists on each of his drops.

4. “Jurassic”

While this is arguably one of Megalodon’s most popular tracks, I had to add it to the list simply because it’s just that intense. “Jurassic” combines Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ prehistoric bass with Megalodon’s cinematic drops and the result is brilliant. Unlike other hardstyle-esque tracks, “Jurassic” has comedic vocals that are worth listening to before the show so when the bass drops, you’ll be able to feel as if you’re the one fighting dinosaurs yourself. If you love Megalodon’s cinematic riddim, you’ll want to also check out Midnight Tyrannosaurus who will be performing at the Pressroom here in Phoenix, Arizona on May 25 with Kai Wachi, Yakz, and Cromatik.

5. “Russian Roulette” (Megalodon Remix)

Last August, Megalodon released his remix of “Russian Roulette” by Snails featuring Panther Matumona. Megalodon adds elements of trap and early 2010’s dubstep to the already intense Snails’ track and will make you realize how impressive his work truly is. Snails released his album, The Shell, in 2017, and surprised fans with The Shell (Remixes) in 2018. Featuring artists such as SVDDEN DEATH, Virtual Riot, Funtcase, Kill The Noise, and more, The Shell (Remixes) has an impressive lineup with some of the hardest producers in the EDM community. Megalodon’s “Russian Roulette” is no exception and has over 145,000 listens on Spotify alone. Devoted Snails fans will appreciate this remix and, while the song was already explosive, Megalodon’s remix is somehow even harder and more intense.

Megalodon and Dark Janiels are going to be at AURA Nightclub in Tempe, Arizona on March 23, 2019; get tickets here.

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