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Krilla Kills This Skrillex Remix

Krilla is back and killing the game with another remix for your listening pleasure. This time, he takes on a remix of EDM legend Skrillex‘s well-known track “Make it Bun Dem” with Damian Marley. If you’re familiar with Krilla and his ability to simultaneously respect an original track and also make it his own entirely, then know that he exceeds even these high expectations with this remix.

With a heavier trap infusion in the intro than the original and powerful, synthy bass, Krilla’s take on Skrillex’s oldie but goodie has an entirely different energy. He also adds warped vocals for an intentionally distinct effect, while still drawing inspiration from the original. The last drop is arguably the best and craziest part of his remix; Krilla switches the tempo for a different freaky rhythm that’s fun and unique to hear compared to Skrillex’s version. If you like what you’ve heard, make sure to keep a close watch on Krilla for future remixes and original tracks.

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