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Malaa Has Us Wanting More with ‘Addiction’

Break out the stale donuts and cold coffee because this AA meeting is now in session. Malaa‘s latest house stomper “Addition” conjures just that–a seething and simmering need for more, more Malaa.

The track is just what you would want from this infamous house DJ. It’s slow on the come up but when the beat drops into the flowing chorus, it’s a sweet, sweet high. In perfect Malaa fashion, we are not given full lyrics, instead, an ominous sample that piques your interest all the till dance-evoking drop. Coming out as the first track of the year we are expecting a lot and he for sure delivered a heavy dose of a banger. Check it out below!

Perhaps the lack of music in 2019 is a sign of a new and improved live set? The only way to find out is to see him perform at Phoenix light which is less than two weeks away! Feed into the “Addiction” and grab your tickets here.

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