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Spin it Back Saturday: Arty, Nadia Ali, & BT – ‘Must Be the Love’

For this week’s Spin it Back Saturday, we are traveling back in time to a time when Vine was at its peak, GTA V just dropped on PlayStation 3, selfies were becoming popularized, and Arty was just starting to come up as a driving force in big-room progressive dance music. “Must Be the Love” dropped on BT’s 9th studio album A Song Across Wires in late 2013 on Armada Records, and became an instantly recognizable, certified banger. The harmonizing vocals from Nadia Ali send listeners into a state of blissful wonder, while Arty’s signature sound infects “Must Be the Love” with euphoric tones.

29-year-old Artem Stoliarov has been going under the alias Arty since he debuted in 2009. In just a few short years, Arty’s alluring progressive trance put the world in a trance, and he began to gain attention from huge artist like Afrojack and Paul Van Dyk. Stoliarov also performs under the alias, Alpha 9, which is dedicated to underground and wonky trance.

Arty is taking the stage alongside Excision and Claude Von Stroke at Phoenix Lights on April 5th and 6th. Grab tickets here.

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