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BONNIE X CLYDE Embrace ‘Bad Behavior’ on Latest Release

Three months ago, BONNIE X CLYDE gave us “So High,” an uplifting anthem that made us feel like real-life superheroes. “So High”  is sentimental, romantic, and the complete opposite of the song they just released today. Out of nowhere, BONNIE X CLYDE dropped “Bad Behavior” on Ultra Records and it’s the supervillain to the heroes of “So High.” In addition to the song’s release, the dynamic duo announced a North American tour named after the hot new track that will feature all original music. 

Paige’s sultry, dark voice introduces “Bad Behavior” and quickly will catch your attention. Cinematic drums built-up tension and the vocals become slightly distorted as gunshots fire in the background. The creepy, bad-guy vibe of the song is alluring, yet ominous and just when you get comfortable, BONNIE X CLYDE switch it up on you. “Bad Behavior” has a slight trap sound and the heavy 808, accompanied by a glitchy melody, will send shivers down your spine. While the track is pretty different than anything BONNIE X CLYDE has released before, this new sound fits their criminal aesthetic perfectly and hopefully we’ll hear more of this menacing energy on their tour. 

BONNIE AND CLYDE’s talent really shines through in “Bad Behavior” and the two work extraordinarily well together. In an interview about the latest release, they explain that this song is one of their rawest, most personal tracks yet,

“We want to take you into a new world, our world, and express the fundamental truths of life, the battles, the achievements, the good and the bad emotions… It’s about time we step into our power and take control. It’s about sharing all sides of you, even the things people might not want to hear or see. Because that’s what we want – we want raw, blood, sweat, tears, unfiltered, bad behavior.”

We’re excited to see what the future holds for BONNIE X CLYDE and while there haven’t been any Arizona dates released for their Bad Behavior Tour, more dates are going to be announced soon. We can only hope that these criminals take a trip to the desert and bless us with this iconic track live.

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