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Ekali’s Latest is More Than Fine

It was about time for another emotional release, and Canadian DJ Ekali has delivered just that with a track so meaningful and vibey that you’ll want to listen to it more than once. Like a lot of emotional hits, the song recounts a love gone wrong. However, what sets it apart is the pure honesty that bleeds out of the lyrics like teardrops smearing the ink on a love letter never sent. With beautiful vocals by Australian singer-songwriter Wafia, the track, “Be Fine,” tells a tale of the aftermath of a falling out and the brutal truths of how heart-break and loss affect both parties involved. With the recollection of past memories, acknowledgment of getting offbeat and losing each other somewhere along the way, and the acceptance of the ugly coping mechanisms that follow, the artistic single doesn’t sugar coat anything, leaving the track raw, realistic, and genuine. All is not lost, however. Like all things, situations change with time. Hearts heal, wounds mend, and life goes on. Wafia notes this as well, her crisp yet soft melodies revealing that eventually, they will both be fine. Listen to the emotion-filled song and watch the music video below.

Ekali – Be Fine (feat. Wafia) [Official Music Video]

The music video captures beautiful rooftop scenery and features Wafia, who switches between singing and trying to work things out with her lover. In the end, he drives away as she walks in the opposite direction. Ekali’s production on this track is artistic and seamless. He sets a vibey and intimate tone, with soft and beautiful synths that fit the song like a glove. The production never overpowers the message or vocals, letting the story drive the song. The background music and sounds enhance the mood and aid in painting the pictures created throughout the track. Get your emotions ready, and give in to the vibes. Ekali’s got just the thing you need.

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