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Rebelution Presents a Reggae Playlist with ‘Marley’s Picks’

Reggae is one of the sweetest genres our generation has tasted. Peace-loving pioneers like the beloved Bob Marley wrote melodies like delicious syrup with the viscosity to smooth over the hate and negativity in our world. A humble few also influential in this are Rebelution, a California reggae band composed of singer/guitarist/lyricist Eric Rachmany, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley, and bassist Marley D. Williams. Together they maintain an energy onstage that’s as easy and laidback as they are offstage. 14 years into their creative flow, Rebelution stays rooted in the Jamaican inspiration that their songs and sounds have always paid homage to, while still taking experimental leaps and new adventures too, expanding their fanbase to hold new and loyal fans alike. Staying ever-relevant, band member Marley has created a Spotify playlist titled “Marley’s Picks.” Shuffle through it below.

Marley’s Picks include all you need to take a toke or find peace in your busy day and features some reggae greats like Peter Tosh, Capleton, Mr Easy, Stephen Marley and more. By getting to know some of Marley’s favorites, you also get to know the specific sound of Rebelution as well. Although the hay days of reggae might seem behind us, they’re still burning strong – Rebelution still produces new sounds and tours as well. Get back to your reggae roots and join Rebelution when they perform at Arizona Roots Festival on February 22nd & 23rd. Get your tickets here

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