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‘Save Yourself’ Listening to the New Virtual Riot EP

One of the most innovative, inspirational, and iconic producers in recent years, Virtual Riot is one of the biggest names in all of EDM. Not only do amateur artists refer to him as one of the best in the game, but so, too, do countless colleagues all around the world. That said, the entire industry went absolutely wild when Virtual Riot announced his new EP on Disciple Records, Save Yourself. As one would imagine, Virtual Riot not only lived up to the hype, but he also raised the bar for all of bass music.

In this eight-track masterclass, nothing is off-limits. With an arsenal of carefully crafted sounds at his disposal, Virtual Riot tackles several genres, tempos, grooves, and more. Perhaps even more impressive, Virtual Riot maintains his signature style throughout the EP, as he demonstrates his impeccable sound design, masterful mixing, and uninhibited versatility. As a matter of fact, practically every track on Save Yourself is a beautiful blend of familiar and fresh.

Sure, you may already know some of these sounds, but there are dozens—if not hundreds—of new ones! And in many cases, the sounds that we already know and love have been re-imagined, repurposed, and ultimately taken to the next level. After all, one can’t raise the bar without developing, editing, and perfecting their product in the process. Now, how about we let the Save Yourself EP speak for itself? Sit back, relax, and prepare to experience some of the best music in all of EDM.

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