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Travis Scott Turns Up As ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM’

Shortly after announcing that he will be bringing the ASTROWORLD festival back for fans this November, Travis Scott graced the public with a new single. He starts out with his trademarked consistent, slowed verse over soft acoustics. Listen below.



In this single, we hear what could be Travis making indirect statements about his [now ex] girlfriend Kylie Jenner. There is also a familiar mantra in verse 2 where he states “this my life, I did not choose” which we have heard similar claims before in “BUTTERFLY EFFECT” where he states “for this life I cannot change.” Scott is very persistent in the idea that this life chose him and he was meant to ride it out the way he is. He also addresses substance abuse; this song looks to be a battle with what he feels and what he knows and he copes with that by being the highest in the room, quite literally.

Travis Scott discusses his new track “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” on Beats 1 radio and what fans can expect from him in the future. Scott said he is taking his time making the next album and is not in any rush with the process at all, but he does hope to release more singles surrounding HIGHEST because he, in the simplest of terms, believes it’s what his fans deserve right now. Scott has a lot more in store for his fans and this is only the beginning of many new singles we can expect from him.

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