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Five Adam Beyer Tracks that Prove He’s the Modern King of Techno

From underground clubs to the mainstage, Adam Beyer has been a techno legend since the early days of the genre. The Stockholm-based DJ and producer is also the creator of Drumcode Records, one of the biggest electronic music labels in the world and the third highest-selling record label on Beatport of all time. Not only is Adam Beyer a phenomenal producer, he is also a master DJ and was in the top 50 for DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs. Lucky for us, Adam Beyer will be performing at Decadence Arizona taking place on December 30th and 31st at Rawhide Event Center alongside Illenium, Skrillex, Tchami x Malaa, and more (tickets available here). Every song Adam Beyer releases is a hit, but here are 5 of our favorite tracks from this techno superstar. 

1. “Data Point” – Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, Green Velvet

This year, Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani released Space Date Remixes, an EP that featured remixes from Pleasurekraft, Green Velvet, and John Monkman. In addition to the remixes, Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, and Green Velvet released an original collaboration, “Data Point”. “Data Point” is a techno hidden gem and one of my personal favorite songs from Adam Beyer. Green Velvet adds a house funk and Adam Beyer’s badass kick contrasts beautifully against Layton Giordani’s trance inspired melodies. “Data Point” is an unusual collaboration in that each artist adds their own style to the song. Instead of creating an entirely new sound, the artists display their unique skills and come together to create an absolute masterpiece of a collaboration. 

2. “Capsule” – Adam Beyer, Pig&Dan

In 2017, Adam Beyer and Pig&Dan released a collaborative EP titled Capsule that featured four unique songs. Each track is worth a listen, but the title song on the EP, “Capsule” is truly unparalleled. Pig&Dan and Adam Beyer are three genius producers and together they are unstoppable. “Capsule” begins with a slow rise which eventually turns into a melodic drop. The drop is full of ear-candy and every time you listen to the song you’ll notice more and more elements and details.

3. “Your Mind” – Adam Beyer, Bart Skils

One of Adam Beyer’s most famous songs, “Your Mind” featuring Bart Skils is so popular for a reason. If you’ve ever stepped foot onto a techno stage, you’ve probably heard the track’s groovy vocals and catchy bassline, but you’re gonna want to relisten to this banger again. “Your Mind” has an acid-techno bass that’s easily recognizable and the hard hitting, punchy kick is truly addicting. If you need a good track to hype up your workout or get your friends dancing, “Your Mind” is a perfect choice. 

4. “Stone Flower” – Adam Beyer 

Released in 2015, “Stone Flower” is a quintessential Adam Beyer track. The industrial kick and gradual melodic build complement each other perfectly and the vocals will make you want to start dancing. The song has a slightly organic feel with percussive hits that soften the harsh underground bass. If you like your techno less mainstream, you’re gonna love this track.

5. “Going Down” – Adam Beyer and Dense & Pika

Need a song that will get everyone on the dance floor? Adam Beyer and Dense & Pika have got you covered with their highly successful collaboration, “Going Down”. “Going Down” is dark, groovy, and you’re definitely going to want to relisten to the song’s drop a few times. It has a different sound than other songs Adam Beyer has produced and has a more tech-house feel due to the constant percussive changes. Regardless of the genre, “Going Down” is a perfect dance track and let’s hope he plays this one out at Decadence. 

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