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RB Exclusive Interview: Floret Loret Takes on EDC Orlando

With new artists and music constantly being added to the EDM scene, it can be hard to find originality amongst a sea of aspiring producers. Sometimes, however, a fresh DJ finds just the right sound to break through. I was lucky enough this past weekend to attend Insomniac’s Orlando rendition of the Electric Daisy Carnival, and during day 2 I got to witness an incredible set at the Wide Awake Art Car that truly left a unique impression on me. Florida DJ and local Fernando Loret de Mola, known professionally by his stage name Floret Loret, played a truly artistic, deep, and intense set that seemed to reverberate in my chest even after the music stopped playing. So who is he?


While this was his first EDC Orlando, and much of his growing success is recent, Floret Loret has been working on music for a while, releasing tracks over the past several years on Spotify and Soundcloud. He doesn’t have a definitive genre, although during our conversation we threw around terms like melodic bass to describe his music. His most recent EP, Secluded Garden, was released through the Zeds Dead record label DeadBeats, which has housed artists such as Blanke, Peekaboo, and  Wax Motif. Notably, he even made the lineup for the DeadBeats Boca Raton show this past October, opening for Zeds Dead, Ekali, Space Jesus, 1788-L, and Ducky. He is certainly on the rise, and rightfully so, as his music is quite enticing. With mind-opening wubs, deep and artful melodies, and intense and mystical basslines, Floret Loret had the crowd locked in to his set. Check out some of his music below!

After experiencing something as creative and original as his set, I couldn’t wait to get behind the scenes and pick his brain a little bit. I, fortunately, had the opportunity to interview him on day 2 of the festival to get more insight on his experience performing at his first EDC, as well as who he is an electronic artist and what inspires his music.

You just got done with your first set at EDC, one of the biggest and most renowned music festivals in the country, how do you feel right now?

I feel great, now that my nerves are gone. I was a bit anxious to perform because I just get the performance jitters, but I feel great! I got a bunch of compliments from the set and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It surprised me seeing how many people actually showed up early, and that means the absolute world to me. But I feel awesome!

If you could have someone take away something from your set or your music, what would you want them to leave with?

From my sets, I normally try and add a bunch of unreleased music from my friends, so you can go in thinking ‘I’m expecting something new’ or ‘I’m expecting something I’ve never heard before’ and I hope the takeaway is ‘I’m gonna go figure out what that track is’ and motivate [people] to dive into the underground. For my music, I just hope people enjoy it, it’s my escape in a way. 

Do you have muse or inspiration? What is behind your music? I know you just released an EP recently, and it had a lot of garden and floral themes, so what’s your inspiration? 

The garden themes came from my dad. He has a green thumb; he’s able to plant anything and make it grow and prosper. So what I try to do, is do that with my music. Most of my inspirations come from artists like Electric Mantis, Flume, Eprom, G Jones, and some from my friends who are artists as well like Saka, Rohaan, Jon Casey, Rome in Silver, and msft, who are all phenomenal. 

If you could collaborate with any artist playing this weekend who it would be and why? 

Definitely Zeke Beats, I like his style of music. I like the bass that he does, I think I could add some melodic elements to it. A dream collab would be RL Grime, and Alison Wonderland as well. 

So what’s next? Are you working on anything? Do you have anything coming up for us to look forward to?

This year I’ve just been going with the flow, and I think I’m going to keep it that way. Just focus on writing my music, and figure out new ways of putting myself out there, but just more focusing on the quality of the music I’m presenting. I’m very fortunate, I’m very blessed. I’m just a guy who makes music and got lucky, so I wanna bring my friends along for the ride and show people what we’re about and hope people enjoy it. 

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Floret Loret’s music yet, I highly recommend diving in to what he has to offer. If you’re in the mood for something new, he’s got just the right stuff! Check him out and give him some support, he’s definitely going places and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Connect with Floret Loret: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Photo: Shane Hanson

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