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Wooli & William Black Deliver a Melodic Masterpiece

When you see two insanely talented individuals’ names, like Wooli and William Black, on a track together you know instantly that it will nothing short of amazing. The two melodic bass kings have teamed up to deliver a fiery new hit. Titled “Nothing Left” featuring vocals by the ever so beautiful RUNN, Wooli and William Black released this anticipated collab on Seven LionsOphelia Records. Earlier this summer, Wooli showcased the unreleased track in his “The Voyage Mix” and fans were dying to get the ID. Now that it is here, give “Nothing Left” a listen below!

The passion and energy bursting from this track are undeniable. “Nothing Left” starts off slow and gives RUNN’s angelic vocals the spotlight, soaring gracefully over Wooli and William Black’s impeccable sound design. But hold tight—I know exactly what you are waiting for. Wooli takes over the second drop of the track with his signature dubstep roots, shattering any trace of calm. How could you NOT love a good melodic bass drop like this one? Wooli and William Black really did wonders with “Nothing Left” and we can only hope for more future collaborations from the two.

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