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15-Year-Old Prodigy Moore Kismet Releases Heavy Bass Banger ‘Escape (VIP)’

Six months ago, 15-year-old heavy bass prodigy Moore Kismet released the highly anticipated Character EP on Never Say Die, which included one of their most popular songs, “Escape.” The song did exceptionally well with over 30,000 streams on Spotify and featured unique sound design that really showcases the young producer’s talent. If you thought that song was impressive, Moore Kismet out did himself yet again with the VIP edit.

As the song explains in the intro, a VIP is a “variation in production” that oftentimes artists will create for special, live-performances. We should be thankful Moore Kismet released this banger publicly because you’re gonna want to have it on repeat. After Moore Kismet’s vocal introduction, the song takes a mystical turn into lush chords and a traditional dubstep buildup boosts the energy and tension. The drop hits and we get to hear their signature basses that are a combination of free form bass, trap, and glitch-hop. The dubstep drum pattern creates a head-banging rhythm that is impossible not to dance to and each variation of the bass pattern gets more and more epic as the drop progresses. The entire song is jaw-dropping, especially when considering the fact that Moore Kismet made it when they were only 14 years old, but the sophistication and professionalism in their music is easily the most impressive part. It’s going to be exciting to see what they release next year and hopefully Arizona will be blessed to witness the rise of this young master.
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