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Boris Brejcha Takes You ‘To The Moon And Back’ with Latest Release

As the peak of winter blows through with the new year already in full swing, German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha has just released the final teaser track for his upcoming album, and it does not disappoint. Being the mastermind behind what he describes as “high-tech minimal,” his sounds create the vibes and easily dance away with you through the late hours of the evening. His signature look includes him wearing a joker-type mask, taking inspiration from the Carnival in Rio and tying back to his first performances in Brazil. As he prepares for his upcoming album Space Diver, this newest track is not only his first release of the decade, but also his final teaser for the aforementioned album dropping this month. The new track, titled “To The Moon And Back,” is a hypnotic roller coaster of beats that will have you grooving and moving till the sun comes up! Listen to the new release below!

With building energy and and endless vibes, this new track earns its place as a techno heater for the new decade. Characterized by euphoric soundscapes, glitchy bass, and his own distinctive four-on-the-floor drum patterns, the journey this song takes you on feels vast and uplifting. Get ready for a hypnotic ride, let it take you on an adventure, and get lost in the creative and unique sounds of Boris Brejcha.

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