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Destructo Shares His Sacred 4-Hour Sunrise Sermon from FRIENDSHIP 2.0

As the sun rose in the Caribbean on the morning of January 9th, over 3,000 cruisers (commonly referred to as #shipfam) aboard FRIENDSHIP 2.0 gathered for a unique musical experience known as “the sermon.” The sermon, which typically begins just before dawn and goes.. well, as long as Destructo wants, is a special tradition. This year’s sermon set clocks in at just under 4 hours and 20 minutes, the full set is now available for #landfam to enjoy as well.

“I could have played longer,” Destructo said of this year’s sermon, “For some reason this one everything just clicked.  Nobody went AWAL this time around.  The deck was packed the entire time. I think we all were really on the same page. Shout outs to Danny Daze, Boys Noize, Jimmy from Bob Moses, and Grant [Griz] for the sexy sax.”

 Listen to it in all it’s glory below!

The sermon was special indeed, featuring GRiZ for a live sax performance to Christopher Cross yacht rock classic “Ride Like the Wind” and b2b moments with Boys Noize, Bob Moses’ Jimmy Valance and Danny Daze, among others.  It was stacked with unreleased and new material as well as catalogue favorites from all.

When speaking about FRIENDSHIP 2.0 with Billboard, Destructo said, “People make the party.  The vibes are unmatched on FriendShip because we have the family holding it down.  All the artists hang and make it so much more special.  Some of my best moments were doing b2b sets in shipper’s cabins with our ‘Dial a DJ’ program.  The look on people’s faces when I rolled into the room with Boys Noize, Danny Daze and Bob Moses was priceless.  The sermon was also a major moment.  We had comedy for the first time which went off well plus the amazing burlesque ship tease with Dita Von Teese and her crew.  She wowed everybody.  The talent show was a lot of fun.”

Keep an eye out for FRIENDSHIP 3.0 booking information, and catch Destructo in Tempe on February 22nd! Grab tickets here now.

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