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Dion Timmer Remixes Madeon’s ‘All My Friends’

In May of 2019 Madeon took the world by storm when he released his first new tune since Shelter (with Porter Robinson) in 2016. After a waiting period of nearly three years, Madeon was finally back with his signature style of unique, authentic, and unparalleled music. As soon as listeners heard “All My Friends” for the very first time, there was no doubt that it would become an instant classic. Funky, groovy, and downright delightful, this summertime anthem had everything. Well, almost everything. What it didn’t have, of course, was a mastermind of modern-day dubstep. In other words, it didn’t have Dion Timmer. That is, not until now.

Dion Timmer, one of the biggest dubstep artists in recent years, has an uncanny ability to build his own world. Whether it’s making something completely original—such as his Very Extra album from 2018—or re-imagining someone else’s work, there is virtually no limit for the 20-year-old prodigy.

For this remix he raised the tempo, pitched the vocals up, and gave the song a more electric vibe. In mere moments, Dion slingshots us into a high-energy environment, where dancing is simply contagious. Then, in a brief break, we hear some underlying wubs – a glimpse of what’s to come, perhaps. Then, as the energy gets stronger and faster, Timmer tiptoes the line between build and drop. Eventually, of course, there will only be one place to land.

What makes Dion so special, among many, many other things, is his extensive arsenal of sounds. The young man can create virtually anything he wants, whether it be heavy dubstep, slow experimental, bass music, or melodic house. That said, it’s extremely difficult trying to anticipate what he’ll do next, and this drop is an outstanding example of that.

The first drop of Dion Timmer’s “All My Friends” remix is absolutely insane. In it, we have booming bass, heavy drums, gritty growls, gorgeous synths on top, and so much more. Not only is its primary flow practically perfect, but he also adds a brilliant break; after which, we get a final stretch of this captivating chaos.

In the second half of the track, we get a beautiful bridge, an even angrier drop, and so much more. Be sure to listen all the way through, as it truly an incredible experience. Suffice it to say, this is an exemplary remix. Not only did Dion Timmer re-imagine this classic hit from Madeon, but he truly and indisputably made it his own. Excellent work as always, Dion.

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