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Excision & SLANDER Tease Collab ‘Your Fault’

Canadian dubstep producer Jeff Abel, famously referred to as Excision and the duo Derek Andersen and Scott Land AKA SLANDER let fans at the HiJinx Festival be the first to hear their unreleased collaboration. SLANDER posted a two minute recording of the beginning of the track on Twitter. The release date for this collaboration is still unknown, but SLANDER has teased that it is “coming soon” with no further detail. Below is the Tweet that left fans wondering when it will be released, and if there is anything more the two are going to put out there.

SLANDER is known for their sub-genre “heaven trap,” which is an amalgamation of emotional lyricism, heavy drops, and a lot of bass. This style of music is dark and heavy while simultaneously making you feel uplifted. Excision on the other hand, is known for his heavy-hitting, metal crushing bass. The unreleased collaboration starts in true SLANDER style, with solemn vocals luring people into a classic Excision bass drop. The lyrics are about heartbreak, but the bass relieves you of that sadness by letting the emotion out. Want to hear more from these artists? You can check them out at links below, and you can keep up to date for when they finally release this heavily anticipated track!

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