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Radio Recap: Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents Anjunadeep – Eli & Fur in the Mix

Eli & Fur are irrefutably and effortlessly the two coolest women in the industry. The duo first debuted in 2013 and since then they’ve ascended the charts and the industry with tracks like “You’re So High” and their EP California Love; the latter of which supported their North America tour in 2015 that fostered an embracing fan base and ultimately harvested their title as Beatport’s Artists to Watch. Eli & Fur continue to flourish with slow-burning builds, exotic sound designs and driving basslines that contrast with their delicately-placed vocals. The pair is unwavering in their focus, maintaining a balance of producing, touring, and breezing through for guest mixes. Most recently, BBC Radio 1 had the honor of featuring them for their Wind Down Presents Anjunadeep episode. Indulge below for this week’s Radio Recap.

Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents features music designed to unwind the mind, and Eli & Fur possess a whimsical talent for this. Along with their own dreamy, solid sounds, they’ve also mixed in artists like Clarian, Tony Watson, 16BL and more. The mix as a whole transports its listener to distant lands while still being effectively grounding in its earthy tones. Eli & Fur’s mix for Radio 1 stands as an extension of the magic that exists in their tracks.

Eli & Fur are returning on February 8th for their first Shady Park show of 2020. Their mystical sound feels especially suited for this venue, so grab tickets here.

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