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San Holo Releases Official ‘Album1’ Remixes

It’s remixing season, and Dutch artist San Holo has just delivered enough mixes of his first album to keep our ears satisfied for months. The official works, titled album1: a lot of remixes, boasts a variety of talented artists, and holds 18 new versions of the San Holo songs we love so much. album1 was released in late 2018 as the artist’s debut full-length album, and was released independently through his own record label bitbird. It featured beautiful melodies, heart-warming soundscapes, and incredible production that instantly took the scene by force with a sense of wonder that is truly unmatched. This year, he’s shaking things up, and every track on the original album has received at least one remix, with some tracks like “go back in time” even scoring 3 new re-works by varied artists with entirely different sounds! Listen to the new remixes and experience your own musical journey below!

With entirely new sounds, this album of remixes takes the beautiful production of the original and creates something unique and special all on its own. These remixes are art being made from art, and its just as easy to love these new tracks as it was to love the originals when they were released. Featuring an array of incredible artists such as Laxcity, Manila Killa, Rootkit, Golden Vessel and more, each artist brings their own flare and style into the mix, and the result is breathtaking. Open up your heart a little, and settle in as the sounds paint colors in your mind with every note, and let the music fly away with you in absolute bliss.

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