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Artist Spotlight: Louisahhh

The dark and sinister techno superstar Louisahhh is making her way back to Arizona to turn Dvina Modern Fare into an icy, magnetic atmosphere. Taking a piece of underground sound from the Paris techno market, fans aren’t ready for the war cry that is Louisa Pillot. At a very young age, she started her musical career singing and playing instruments that she eventually came to fall in love with DJing. At 17, her eagerness to pursue the genre found her sneaking into New York City clubs with fake IDs and a whole lot of ambition. As she cultivated her style and career, Pillot’s undeniably powerful voice mixed with the deep, driving form of her techno, she almost instantly got noticed by others in the scene. In 2006, she moved to LA to become half of the house-centric production NYCPartyInfo releasing records on Throne of Blood, Nurvous, and Young Adults. Going solo sometime later, she ran into French techno Brodinski, who helped her catapult her career. The two collaborated on “Let The Beat Control Your Body” and “Nobody Rules the Streets,” which not only began curation for Brodinski’s label, Bromance Records, but dominated the underground circuit as dedicated anthems.

After, she took off running and released a slew of solo projects and collaborations with future label co-owner, Maelstrom. Her first solo EP, Transcend, dropped in 2013 that followed with back to back EP’s with Maelstrom in 2014 and 2015.

But techno isn’t the only thing that Louisahhh can mix so flawlessly. She fuses the realm of punk and underground, layered with her saturated vocals and hypnotic production. She has truly found the perfect niche among Paris’ electronic scene and, can’t forget to mention, Arizona’s techno snobs. Her latest release, “Feral Rhythm,” dropped September 2019 and is accompanied by a remix package. The “feral,” intimate vibes ooze over listeners and set the tone for the dark strobe Dvina Modern Fare is going to be possessed by in less than a month.

A sound that’s “hard but deep, tough but tender,” Louisahhh’s music is an active expression of her thrill to be alive. Take a deep breath of RAAR Records and the sound of underground Paris on Friday, March 13th. Click here for tickets.

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