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Artist Spotlight: OMNOM

Get ready for a big ole’ bite of house music when OMNOM chomps down on Shady Park in just a few weeks. The San Francisco-based groovy, bod- shaking producer has been introducing a signature sound of kick drums, falsetto vocals, and overall weird aesthetics to his musical production for some time now, and we’re all here for it! Debuting back in 2017, Cody Lee has worked hard to go from attendee to performer. Back in high school, his friend played “Ghosts N Stuff,” blowing his mind so much so he begged for more. Immersing deeply into deadmau5, The Bloody Beetroots, Benny Benassi, and other artists in the same vein, he was hooked.

It took 3 years for his big break, but since then he’s been unstoppable. The story goes that OMNOM was carrying around his USB at a Costa Mesa California party, because “in this scene, you always got to stay strapped.” As he’s mingling and networking, Gavin, from Walker & Royce, agrees to let him play a few tracks during their b2b2b2b set. After the show, the duo asked Lee to send them a few songs, but he was skeptical. He knew so many up and comers who sent artists their tracks that eventually, and unfortunately, got lost in the mix, but soon enough, Lee’s friends were contacting him about Walker & Royce playing his track at a show, then another show, then almost every set of their Self Help Tour. The track was sent to Dirty Bird and he landed a spot on the Electric Forest Lineup last minute. The rest is history.

Most recently the tech, bass, weird house artist has released “Babysitter / Stunt” with Dances With White Girls and “Number One Fan.” Following tracks like “Fo Free” and “Goin’ Dumb,” releasing on Box of Cats, House of Hustle, Dirty Bird, and more there’s much to come from this one. So, if your mouth isn’t watering from intrigue and excitement for some chomping house yet, then get tickets here to see what OMNOM is all about on Sunday, February 23rd, and be sure to listen close for the hidden “chomps” within his tracks!

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Source: YourEDM Interview

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