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Blanke Highlights His Dynamic Abilities With New Remix

You know that feeling when you listen to a remix of one of your favorite tracks and you almost love it, dare I say, more than the original? Our hearts will forever go out to the OG tracks, but some remixes really just check all the boxes. This is likely to come to mind when you hear the dynamic Blanke’s remix of alternative-electronic group Crooked Colours’ “I C Light”. Give it a listen below!

If you are unfamiliar with Crooked Colours they are from Australia, hence the spelling, and blew fans away last year with their brilliant sophomore album, Langata, which featured hits like “I C Light”. Similarly, Blanke had an incredible year of melodic, mid-tempo, and heavy bass releases that proved his spot in the scene. To his surprise, Crooked Colours reached out to him to officially remix “I C Light”. The also Australian born producer put a refreshing, chill twist on the originally housey, vocal-led track. He slows the beat down, distorts the vocals, layers in bass, and makes “I C Light” ironically dark. Blanke tweeted that he was “almost certain it wasn’t what the band was looking for from me when they asked me to remix it, so when I found out they loved it, I was so stoked.” He also mentioned playing all the guitar for the remix! Blanke continues to explore and create all styles of electronic music and prove that he truly can do it all with this one.

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