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GRAVEDGR’s Debut Album ‘6 FEET UNDER’ is Absolutely Deadly

In 2018, the legendary Carnage introduced the world to an up-and-coming producer by the name of GRAVEDGR. In less than two years, GRAVEDGR has received an incredible amount of support from fans, fellow producers, and countless others throughout the bass music industry. Now, with a wave of momentum behind him, GRAVEDGR is about to bury the competition alive. In his debut album, 6 FEET UNDER, GRAVEDGR delivers 14 phenomenal tracks.

As early as the intro, there is no doubt that GRAVEDGR is dragging us down to the depths of hell. Once there, he will finally annihilate us with sickening synths, bloodcurdling bass, devastating drums, and so much more. Take, for instance, “Death Row.” In the early moments, we can hear a grave being dug, a haunting ambiance, and an overwhelming sense of danger. Then, when the drop hits, the listener is pummeled with punchy drums, mind-blowing bass, and simply sadistic synths. Of course, the same can be said for virtually every song on this debut album. At the same time, however, there is still a wide variety of sounds and styles throughout 6 FEET UNDER.

“MARIA” with Junkie Kid, for example, has a gorgeous intro, which is complete with enchanting vocals, scintillating strings, and powerful pads. Then, as the track evolves, we get even more emotion. Soon, trap-style claps carry us toward an inescapable drop, and, as one would expect, it’s absolutely brutal. What’s more, this particular drop contains several styles and genres, including hard dance and drumstep. Suffice it to say, “MARIA” is an extremely versatile track.

Speaking of collaborations, you’ll definitely want to check out “SHALLOW GRAVES” with Flosstradamus and Vulgatron as well as “FICK DICH” with the one and only Carnage. While the former is savage beyond belief, the latter is surprisingly experimental. Whichever better fits your style, both beats are insanely impressive in their own distinctive ways.

All of this, of course, is just scratching the surface. If you like what you’ve heard so far, then do yourself a favor and listen to the entirety of 6 FEET UNDER today. Not only did GRAVEGDR deliver an incredible debut album, but, in doing so, he truly set the bar for the future of bass music.

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