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Oddprophet Drops ‘Riddim Love Song’ and it’s a Game Changer

In 2017 Oddprophet was signed to Never Say Die Records Ltd., where he would drop not one but two EPs in the same year. If those releases—Notorious EP and Process EP—were the foundation for his success, then surely his 2018 EP, Precognition EP, was a launching pad – catapulting him to the next level. Then, in 2019, Oddprophet dropped a handful of successful singles throughout the year. Now, to kick off 2020, Oddprophet is back with a bona fide game changer, “Riddim Love Song.”

In his first release of the new year, Oddprophet demonstrates a perfect balance between fresh and familiar. For starters, the intro of the track is rather off-brand, so to speak. In other words, one wouldn’t expect Oddprophet to begin a song with a heartfelt voicemail and an emotional melody; and yet, that’s exactly we get in the early moments of “Riddim Love Song.” As we bask in the beauty of this intro, one can’t help but wonder we’re heading. Our path is unfamiliar, to say the least, but the scenery is simply irresistible.

Right around the one-minute mark, we take a sharp turn toward our inevitable destination: a downright destructive drop. Before we reach the promised land, however, we get a creative build as well as a couple of hype-inducing hesitations. Then, at long last, we get a blast of bass straight in the face. Over the course of the next 50 seconds, we are hit with an extensive variety of basses, heavily processed synths, and truly sensational sound design.

What’s more, virtually every component of the drop is new, advanced, and innovative. Any noises that sound familiar, on the other hand, are essentially evolutions of past creations. In short, Oddprophet maintains his signature sound while simultaneously taking it to the next level. Additionally, when listening closely, the meticulous mind of Oddprophet is practically palpable. From start to finish, every single detail in ‘Riddim Love Song’ has been thoroughly thought-out, masterfully manipulated, and excellently executed. What a quintessential way to kick off a new year, demonstrate an insane amount of growth, and establish oneself as an absolutely unstoppable force.

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