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pluko Graces Us with His ‘blessings’

You know that feeling – head in the clouds – like your grade-school crush just checked yes next to do you like me? and slipped the paper note back across your desk.  Well, that’s the kind of headspace that pluko’s new single “blessings” takes you to.  Sam Martinsen, the young talent out of Pennsylvania kicks off the start of the month with a banger.  The upbeat, feel-good sound, interlaced with synthy beats and vocal support from Nate Traveller, is sure to get you feeling yourself on the dance floor.  The duo packs a powerful punch in this poppy hit that’s guaranteed to propel both artists’ careers even further.  Check out “blessings” below!

Just like the chorus to this catchy single, you’re going to find yourself saying “I need you now” and pressing play over and over.  The energy from this tune has Valentine’s Day vibes written all over it.  So, be sure to share it with the crush who just so happened to check that box yes.

As mentioned on his Twitter, pluko has “never been so proud of a track” and rightfully so.  He’s also teased 20 more tracks to hit by the end of 2020.  So, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to follow him at the links below.

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