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Varien and Trivecta Release Psytrance ‘Revelation’

Varien, the industrial, metal, and k-pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, teamed up with psytrance and melodic dubstep legend Trivecta for quite possibly the most impressive collaboration we’re heard this year, “Revelation.” While the two appear to be an unlikely duo, both Varien and Trivecta have successfully merged their unique, distinctive styles and the product is utterly breathtaking. 

Released on Seven Lion’s label, Ophelia Records, “Revelation” is a musical odyssey in which Varien and Trivecta guide the listener through epic chord progressions, pulsating psytrance drops, and otherworldly atmospheres. The song begins with a simple arp that builds tension and, alongside some special effects, creates a mysterious mood. The buildup peaks and suddenly an intense triplet bass pattern changes the song’s direction. Traditional psytrance vocal chops follow alongside the bass and cinematic drums carry the energy forward. The song takes another unexpected turn during the break and the pluck from the song’s introduction plays an emotional, yet hopeful melody. The pluck evolves into a massive melodic drop with thick saws that makes the listener feel as if they’re the hero of this epic journey. The melodic drop effortlessly transforms into the second psytrance drop and the simplicity of the psytrance bass alongside organic percussion is a stark contrast from the previous section. The balance between complexity and minimalism in “Revelation” is exactly why Varien and Trivecta are such talented producers. Smooth melodic transitions allow the track to move forward, all while reminding the listener that they are still on the same journey.

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