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Embrace a ‘Love Like That’ with Kaskade

Kaskade fans are preparing themselves to be induced into another emotional journey with the highly anticipated Redux 004 EP. With a mindset intended for the big sound, small environment experience, Kaskade is developing something grander than “an era of music,” and instead, prescribing a hearty dose of mood. The redux movement he’s immersed us in so heavily back in 2014 relies on the basics but allows listeners to gleam across boundaries of both music and local. With Redux 004, each track embodies the sound of four different cities on his tour that began early March 2020. Miami, San Diego, Santa Fe, and Brooklyn influence a scape for each audience, breaking the stigma of an East or West Coast sound. Awaiting the release for the fourth Redux EP on April 4th, Kaskade has released the first track from the project with vocals by Dani Poppitt. Out now on Arkade, lust in the flames of a “Love Like That” below.

Opening with a snare and drumline followed by the smooth, sensual vocals by Dani Poppitt, “Love Like That” is a slow burn down rolling bodies. Kaskade is the master of transforming crowds into some of the most intimate spaces of emotion-fueled dancing. “Love Like That” is truly one of those tracks that simmer and turn listeners under warm, wine-colored lights. It’s a muted piece that’ll make you crave the “sweet embrace” of strangers.

In a press release, Kaskade said of the track, “When I was producing ‘Love Like That’ I knew it needed to be more than just another love or love-lost song. It has this piano hook that is meant to work its way into your psyche, and hopefully, people will just be humming it without even knowing what they’re referencing. Lyrically, the song has this ability to be an in or out of love gymnast. It is one of those pieces where you can’t decide if you want to break up with this song or get married to it.”

With the Redux 004 tour already underway and set to end on May 30th, we’ll have this one on repeat until the final EP is released.

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