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GRiZ announces 7th annual ‘12 Days of GRiZMAS’ event series December 12-23 streaming exclusively on Twitch

GRiZ has announced the 7th annual ‘12 Days of GRiZMAS’ streaming on Twitch and Zoom December 12-23. GRiZMAS will treat fans around the world to all the performances, activities, and community service initiatives that have made the Detroit event a holiday staple for the city and electronic community.


Since 2014, GRiZ’s ‘12 Days of GRiZMAS’ series has made a true impact across Detroit communities, raising over $200,000 in the last two years alone. With Detroit public schools under more pressure than ever there has never been a more important time for GRiZ to support the city that raised him. Together with local non-profit Seven Mile, GRiZMAS aims to raise funds for music education, art programs and coding lessons all of which are vital creative outlets for urban youth. GRiZ has received the ‘Spirit of Detroit’ award for his work around GRiZMAS, which has been called an ‘utterly sincere community effort’ by The Guardian.

GRiZMAS 2020 will span the gamut of creative outlets near and dear to GRiZ’s heart. Festivities commence on December 12 with Killer Crafts & Cocktails featuring a step-by-step holiday drink creation from Standby Detroit mixologists. After a special Night Two Holiday Jazz Stream with GRiZ & Friends, fans will be treated to a digital auction featuring up for grabs items like a signed GRiZ saxophone and much more. The event then returns to the kitchen for a feel-good cookie baking night with GRiZ’s mom, divulging a cherished family recipe alongside her son. The week continues with a day of yoga from Detroit’s own Citizen team, a virtual taste of GRiZ’s Camp Kulabunga, and Family Board Game Night.  

Music will of course take center stage at GRiZMAS 2020. Participants are able to submit performances videos for a chance to be featured in Global Mic Night, where fans can also expect surprise sets from members of GRiZ’s circle. The event will culminate once again with a blow-out mini-festival experience featuring eight hours of sets and live performances from genre-blending industry giant Destructo, Night Bass bossman AC Slater, 4/4 heavy hitter J.Worra, DeadBeats mainstay Blunts & Blondes, Denver-based jam band trio Sunsquabi, rising Chicago rapper ProbCause, Dirtybird’s own up-and-coming tech house star Codes, and 10+ more unannounced artists plus a special two hour performance from GRiZ himself. 

GRiZ’s signature coffee will make its return in partnership with The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. Last year, GRiZMAS Coffee was able to draw praise from seasoned baristas tand casual coffee drinker alike, selling thousands of bags with 100% of proceeds going towards music education in Detroit. Moving towards single-origin Ethiopian beans for the 2020 effort, GRiZMAS Coffee will be the highest quality in both value and flavour.

With GRiZMAS’ core ethos of community betterment at the center of everything he does, GRiZ continues his journey as a beacon of positivity both globally and in his own backyard. It is this mission of connectivity and authenticity that has made him one of the most distinguished names in electronic music and beyond.

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12 Days of GRiZMAS 2020 Schedule
12/12 – Killer Crafts & Cocktails
12/13 – Holiday Jazz Stream with GRiZ & Friends
12/14 – Digital Charity Auction
12/15 – Bake Cookies with Mama GRiZ
12/16 – Global Mic Night
12/17 – Serve Our Community Day
12/18 – Team Trivia Day
12/19 – Snow Day
12/20 – Community Yoga Day
12/21 – Kulabunga Activity Day
12/22 – Family Board Game Night
12/23 – GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival

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