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Axel Boy and Blossom join forces for ‘What They Say’ out now on BIJOU’s DND Recs Imprint

DND RECS is coming out of the gates swinging in 2021 with a hot new collaboration from UK Bass phenom Axel Boy and your favorite AZ Powerpuff Girl Blossom called ‘What They Say.’

“This track began two years ago in Shanghai, where Chuck and Samara co-wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals,” says Blossom of the track. “When Chuck sent me the vocals, I instantly fell in love, and decided to join forces with UK powerhouse Axel Boy to produce this energetic, uplifting banger.”

The story behind the vocals is to love yourself unapologetically. Samara says, “It’s never worth it to skip the step of self love. The next person you share energy with will thank you for it.”


Axel Boy’s sentiments are similar to that of Samara’s saying that, “to me this song represents being strong in self-esteem and not doubting your inner voice and instincts.”

Stay tuned for more releases from DND Recs on the horizon! Download and stream ‘What They Say’ now here.

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