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Party like its 1999 with Seven Lions’ new remix of ‘Rush Over Me’

We all love ourselves a little Seven Lions, especially when he gets experimental. We’ve seen him take a slightly different path from his usual uplifting vocals paired with inspiring melodies in the past. Tracks like Lucy and those of his Abraxis alias have showed us a different side of Seven Lions, but this time he explores the sounds of the 90s electronic music with his 1999 remix of fan favorite track ‘Rush Over Me’ out now on Ophelia Records.

This version of the track hearkens back to the trance anthems of the 90s from acts like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren and others, all while maintaining characteristics of musical storytelling unique to the anthems that Seven Lions has produced in the past.

You can now stream and download both a standard version of the remix, as well as an extended version. Check it out here!

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