Relentless Beats

Seven Lions

Genre Dubstep, Electro House, Progressive House

Country USA




Seven Lions's Biography

Seven Lions, born Jeff Montalvo, has always been driven to transcend musical boundaries to satisfy his creative vision. He first caught the attention of the music world after winning a Beatport remix contest in 2012 with his dubstep-infused version of Above & Beyond’s “You Got to Go.” Putting technical production skill to work in soulful, deep, hybridized creations distinctly his own, the multi-talented musician bridges the gap between the soaring, ethereal vibe of trance and intensely adrenalizing bass music. Not content to simply alter the soundscapes that people will associate with EDM, Seven Lions has also begun to rearrange the way tracks are released and grouped, forgoing the typical “track by track” scheme for a more thematic EP format. If we had to choose only one thing we love about Seven Lions, it would have to be his versatility (although, really – who can choose only one?). The California-born producer covers everything from dubstep to trance, making his music appealing to just about everyone.

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