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Feeling Ultra Blue

I’m pretty sure that every bro, guido, hipster, and maybe even a few casual drug users woke up this morning thinking the same thing as me (not saying I’m one of the aforementioned, so dont trip on me). I’m more like a pie chart of those first three groups. Questionable personality stereotypes aside, the music conscientious woke up today wondering why we made the decision to not go to Ultra.

Saturday Night’s Stage Schedule for the 2 Primary Stages

As far I’m concerned–fact check withstanding–Ultra was the biggest electronic music festival on the planet in 2012. Just like LeBron, the music industry decided to take their services to South Beach. It’s not debatable, it’s pretty much a fact that every DJ and every collaboration group that has been touring, on tour, or important the last nine months was there.

two other schedules for today. big fan of these two stages.

Even better, Ultra streamed the entire festival live on YouTube (a big ‘thank you’ goes out to Coachella for pioneering this last year). After watching a festival like this for the first time, I have to say straight up this is mad cool. The stages look unreal and I’m way impressed with the production that the Ultra crew put together. Yehhhh and you can watch it right here, which is so sick.

Ultra Music Festival 2012

For anyone who’s unsure if they are going to ‘like’ a festival, this will teach you whether or not your one of the chosen. Thanks Google for hosting this and, you know, being Google.

Lucky for me, I have a source who’s on the ground at the festival right now. Totally blew the budget on him but I have Wilton, Connecticut’s hometown hero Phil Canton covering proceedings in Miami. I hope I gave him some extra money for drinks in the hotel lobby bar after each long day of reporting he’ll be doing.

We’ll properly commiserate our absence after the weekend is over, but I’m feeling like doing the Lebron post-grad.

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