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Is This The Cover Art For The New Daft Punk Album?

Update Daft Punk aired a mysterious ad (embedded below) during SNL last weekend alluding to their comeback (new album?).

Daft Punk SNL ad [03-03-13]

After years of virtual silence, Daft Punk updated both and their Facebook page firing up the EDM rumor mill regarding their pending album release. Considering both the picture and the Columbia mark (Daft Punk was previously signed to EMI), this is as good evidence as any–at least as far as rumors are concerned–that the French duo is working on a new album and we could very well be looking at the cover art.

Daft Punk has been relatively quiet over the past few years while fans have been eagerly awaiting new music. Their last album, Discovery released in 2001 was widely popular among fans. The album included such hits as “One More Time”  [ed. recently voted Mixmag’s Greatest Dance Track of All Time] and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. Many dance fans hail Discovery as one of the all-time best electronic albums. The Duo has not performed since their Alive Tour in 2007 which introduced fans to the infamous pyramid. Ever since then rumors have run wild that the duo is performing at Coachella year after year, only to be let down each time.

With the explosion of the EDM craze at an all time high, I believe Daft Punk picked the perfect time to once more shine. Will this album top Discovery? Will this set them on top? Will they follow up with a world tour? Those are all things we can hope for but for now it’s a start.

There has been no official release date yet but it looks like it’s going to be this year.






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