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Bingo Players’ “Boing Clash Boom” Remix Out Now on So Much Dada

Bananas and champagne get a “Boing Clash Boom” makeover. Bingo Players took it upon themselves to re-spin Dada Life‘s “Boing Clash Boom” banger from last year.

The original was already a massive hit, throwing bodies across the floor. Bingo Players made sure to keep that aspect intact and develop the song into something entirely their own.

Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Bingo Players Remix)

The facilitating voice, telling the crowd to smash their room has a pretty convincing voice driving it. The infective build instructs you to listen to the voice, just in time for the drop pushes you to destroy the area, for noises sake.

Including two other remixes by Major Lazer and Pierce Fulton, the remixes EP of the song breathe new life into the loud sound festival hit.

The remix EP of “Boing Clash Boom” released on June 4 on Beatport.


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