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Repeat Button: “Dubai (Boxer & Forbes Remix)” By Proglifter

Ah, who else is in need of some Repeat Button trance?

Quick, high and electrifying, Boxer & Forbes take on Proglifter’s ‘Dubai’ is just the right amount of nostalgia to throw you back into your memories in the midst of a unfamiliar drive.

Proglifter – Dubai (Boxer & Forbes Remix)

Yes, I’m sure that this hit would do more than well in any club or festival setting, yet it strikes me as something you’d have blaring through your car speakers after a break up, or on your way to a new city; something new and foreign that you might feel nervous or maybe sad about.

Yet, this is bumping for reassurance, with uplifting melodies to give you strength in starting over. You may not be ready to lend yourself entirely to your new way of living, but it’s coming regardless. ‘Dubai’ is there to let you know that there’s more out there, a getaway from your getaway.

Beatport has the monopoly on the Progressive Worldwide Label track. Make sure to troll on over there for a copy on your night drive playlist. It’s full effect may not hit you at first, but there will come a day when this song is the perfect medicine.

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