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LAXX’s Rages Crowds With “Step One” EP

For all those out there who need some fresh down low grinding EDM to thrash to…well…boy, did you sure click on the right article today!

Oxford-based LAXX is out to prove that the English aren’t nearly as stuffy as their stereotype would suggest. In fact, he might have a bit more street cred than you.


LAXX – Step One (Teaser)

“The Unknown” rocks and bangs around, letting you grab your girl in front of you and just get dirty. Slow, but quick, those present for it’s embrace will understand the bipolar nature of this prog trap.

“Step One” wops and drops with the bouncing of heads across the floor. I certainly hope for your sake that your head-bobbing is in good form.

Screeching wakes up the life-coasters in “Gold Plated”, just in time to carry them to the top of a plummet. Electro bass and cranks will blast your soul with a snare for some spice.

Of course, we couldn’t forget the Emperor remix of “The Unknown”, sounding an epileptic womp, like the Chemical Brothers used to do back in day.

Looking for the unique side of prog trap electronic? Ta Da! Beatport’s where it’s at people. Stay tuned for a word from Oxford’s finest.

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